The next wave in help around the house for everyone, and senior in particular, with simple tasks. Alexa is the voice that comes from the Echo device that answers questions and provides help.

Here is a funny clip.

Seriously, though, Echo / Alexa can help with patients who have dementia. Once of the things dementia patience do, is often ask the same questions over and over. They also ask simple questions like “what day is this?” or “is it going to rain today?” Through the Echo device, Alexa will tell jokes and play music. These activities are often soothing to dementia patients.

But you don’t need dementia to enjoy the Echo. Imagine yourself cooking kitchen and wanting to listen to a little Tony Bennett while you cook. You can ask what the traffic report is to see if your guests will be late.

The device is not perfect, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a terrific companion for the 50+ crowd, be they single or not.

Here is a detailed review of the product which you’ll enjoy. Purchase an Echo now.


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