Ok, so some of you have have tuned out Tony Robbins because you were told he was all hype and motivation…that would be a shame since he’s really very diverse and his work has impacted millions of lives in a very positive way.

But this post is about his book Money and how to ‘master the game’. In this comprehensive (over 600 page book), you get the details of the interviews Tony conducted with dozens of billionaires wherein he discussed how they made, manage and think about money. It’s a pretty compelling book.

The book delves deeply into the mechanics of the investment advisory world and make some really good points about how to make reasonable returns without risking everything.

Over the last several months since this book has come out, I have read it, forced my family members to read it, and purchased it for some friends. Every one of them has thank me profusely for the recommendation.

The warm weather is coming, so get a copy of the book, sit outside and plow your way through it. You will be glad you did.

MONEY Master the Game:7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom



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