For those who are confused by all the crazy phone options out there, here are some simple devices to help you stay in touch.

Our Favorite: The Picture Care Phone with 40dB is available on Amazon. The phone uses pictures of people instead of numbers of auto-dial buttons. We thought this was a cute idea. The product is generally under $50. On Amazon, the product was purchased and reviewed by over 300 people with the majority of them giving it a favorable review.

Next Favorite: Clarity Amplified Photo Phone (P300). The buttons are bigger than normal and there are good amplification controls so it’s easy to hear the person on the other end. It’s simple to use and that’s a big plus. This phone also sells for under $50 and the vast majority of reviews were very positive on the phone.

Another Favorite: Clarity JV35W Amplified Telephone with Talk Back Numbers. We liked this phone because, like the other Clarity product, it has a visual notification (flashing red light when the phone rings) and it ‘talks’ back the numbers to you as you dial, so you can make sure you’re dialing the right number. This phone is a bit more expensive, but the reviews are all very positive on this phone.

This device isn’t actually a phone. The Future Call Amplified Telephone Ringer With Visual Indicator connects to an existing phone and amplifies the sound of the phone’s ringer, so no one in the house will ever be able to say that they didn’t hear the phone ring (yes, it’s adjustable). Folks really like the simplicity of this device.

Lastly, the Big Button Photo Dialer is handy device attaches to your existing phone and allows the user to speed dial with pictures instead of numbers. Buttons are big and people who reviewed this device had good things to say about it.

Let us know what you think of these devices…


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